How To Bid

If you’ve never experienced purchasing items at an auction, you are in for a treat!  As the auction nears its end, your item comes up…waiting, anticipating the ‘close’, then BOOM!! Someone comes in and outbids you.  Quickly, you must decide.  Are you willing to increase your bid to become the next highest bidder?  Or will you submit and give your fellow bidder the victory?  The rush at buying auction style is in no way matched by any other method of buying.  Welcome to the wonderful world of auction buying.  Typically, after the first one, you are inevitably hooked!  We at BidMore2Win welcome you to our auction family.  Now lets walk through how it works.

Getting Started

Click our link to view our current auction.  You will then be prompted to register for the auction.  This will require you enter your credit card (cc).  Your cc registers you as a valid bidder.  Your cc will be used to pay for your items if you are highest bidder at the time the auction ends.  It costs nothing to bid, pay only for items you are ‘highest’ bidder on

Review and Bid

Review all lots in our active catalog and BEGIN BIDDING!!  Bid More 2 Win 🙂  There are two types of bids:

Incremental – You will see what the current bid amount is.  You can bid that amount and incrementally increase your bid until you are winning.  If the increments exceed what you are willing to bid for that item, you can stop bidding.  Remember, Bid More 2 win!! 🙂

Max bid – Enter the highest amount you are willing to bid on an item.  Our system will incrementally increase your bid in the event other bids come in until your max bid is reached.  ie. you put a max bid on an item for $50.  You are currently winning it at $10.  Someone comes in and bids $35.  You’re bid is automatically increased to $37 making you the current winning bid.  If no other bids come in before the item closes, you win  this item for $37 item.  If someone bids $52, you are now outbid by $2 and will need to decide if you want to go back in and increase your max bid or bid incrementally.  Remember, Bid More 2 Win!! 🙂

Last Day of Auction

The last evening of the auction, you can view the live auction countdown.  You will receive a notification when the live countdowns begins.  Monitor the items you are watching (this includes items you have previously bid on).  Watch other lots to see if there is a great deal you can grab.

All items are on a ‘soft close’.  The last few minutes within an item ending, any bids that come in will increase the auction time for that item by 3 minutes

After the auction closes

You will receive an invoice for the items you have won.  Come in and pick up during our business hours.  Invoice will include itemized list of items you won during the auction plus buyer premium and taxes when applicable.

Buyers Premiums and Taxes

Cash customers – 10% buyers premium.  This will be 10% of totals for all items won

Credit card customers – 13% buyers premium.  This will be 13% of totals for all items won

6% sales tax for items picked up in house will be added to your total (This does not apply to shipped items out of state)

** Remember all sales are final.  Make sure you are bidding on the item you intend on purchasing.  Make sure to come in and preview the items during business hours prior to that auctions’ close.  If you cannot come in and preview, feel free to call 208-765-7068 and get more details on the item of interest**


We will update you on the status of the items you are bidding on.  In the event you are outbid, you will be notified by email.  This will give you the opportunity to log in and increase your bid if you wish to.

When bidding, keep in mind of the buyers premium.  This is 10% total of items won when paying cash, 13% total when paying by cc.

6% will be added to your purchase for Idaho sales tax unless ordering from another state and item is being shipped to you.

Additional charges will apply if you wish the item to be shipped to you.  Contact us for details on specific items you wish to be shipped for a shipping estimate.

When the auction closes, you will receive an email notifying you of the items you won.

3 days after closing, your cc will be charged for your items plus 13% buyers premium plus 6% sales tax if you live in the state of Idaho.  If local pick ups are not picked up by close of business Saturday following the close of the auction, storage/handling fees will be assessed. You will automatically be charged after 3 days unless you have made other arrangements.

Soft close – If a new bid comes in during the last few minutes of an items closing, the time will be increased by 3 minutes for that item.  This is done to prevent sniping.  Sniping is a term used to describe someone that bids the last seconds of the auction to win an item from someone that is anticipating a ‘win’.  We do soft close to level the playing field and give everyone an opportunity to bid again to try to win the item.

Feel free to call us at 208-765-7086  for special arrangements for pickups or questions about an item you are interested to bid on.