Items we do not take in on consignment


In general, you need to think: “Will my items(s) bring over $10.00 at auction?”. If not, it probably isn’t good to bring in.  If you have any questions, give us a call.  

All consignments will need an itemized list.  When we first began, it was easy for Kathleen and I to keep consignors separate from other consignors.  As we grow and add employees, it has proven challenging to continue to do so.  Itemized check in lists will help us do so.

Anything broken, not working, filthy, partial, pieces will not be listed

Exceptions: There will of course be exceptions to everything.  We also may list one item on the list while yours might be turned down.  There are various reasons for this..

Reserves:  Though we prefer no reserves on items, we do offer that option.  This is typically for higher end items.  If your item has value, it should bring enough to carry bidding through your reserve starting even at $3.  If it does not, it may simply mean perceived value is too high for your item.

Return items or Donate:

We will ask at the time of drop off if you would like your items that do not sell, donated.  If you choose to have your items returned to you,they must be picked up Monday-Wednesday following the auction your items appear.If not picked up within 10 days, the items will be donated.

Soft line goods:

Items that smell like cigarette smoke.  If you smoke around your items, that smell does transfer to your items.  There is no easy way to bring this to your attention so please understand when we refuse your item due to the odor, we are trying to maximize the return for you and us with your consignment.  Many of our customers are sensitive to this. 


If your items are untested, they will be listed as such.  We do not have the bandwidth to test every item that comes in.  The ability to list your item as “In working order” will maximize profits for both of us. 

Home decor:

  • No Live, laugh, love art – this is what I call modern crafts, signs, plaques with clever sayings.  These items do well at craft fairs and local vendor malls but do not seem to do well at auction.
  • No pre-owned candles, candle holders, candle sticks
  • No picture frames, photo holders
  • No clear glass.  This includes crystal at this time.
  • No generic vase from places like teleflora, FTD etc


  • No used kitchen utensils
  • Nothing dirty
  • No Teflon with scratch marks
  • No Small Kitchen Appliances Unless NIP (toasters, cake pop makers etc)
  • No used water bottles, food storage containers (Tupperware is an exception as long as it is in clean condition)


  • Used toys that are not in clean working order.  
  • Toy box remains (we don’t want the items at the bottom of the toybox after cleaning it out)
  • Games that are not complete.


  • No vintage power tools
  • Nothing with oil that is not sealed (did you ever see our carpet in our old showroom)
  • No Old unmarked rusty loose wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets etc.
  • No Corded Tools
  • No Battery operated tools less than 18v


  • Nothing with chips or cracks
  • No individual porcelain dish pieces.  Sets or groups of the same style  are acceptable and will be grouped together. 

Clothing and fabric:

  • No clothes unless NIP
  • Nothing with stains or tears
  • Bedding – No Used bedding (antique quilts and handmade items may be an exc
  • Levi’s brand and other higher end items may be considered
  • Graphic Tees are acceptable
  • No PreOwned Shoes (There are exceptions. Nike, Doc Martens, Certain Boots, etc)


  • Books in general do not do well.  An exception would be rare short print books, Firearms and Ammunition related, childrens, religious and antiquarian (antiques or rare books)


  • No Printers (label printers ok)
  • No office supplies
  • No Phones (vtg rotary, push button princess phones, retro ok)
  • No Office electronics ie. routers, pencil sharpeners, computers (laptops, tablets vtg apple/macintosh acceptable)


  • No purses, backpacks, luggage.
  • Electronics that have not been tested will be listed as untested
  • Modern lighting