Sell With Us

Here at BidMore2Win, we offer a straight forward seller commission schedule.  When you sell through us, you will be able to calculate our commission with no complication.  Commission will be calculated on a per item basis and will be based off the amount paid.  If your item does not sell, you will not be charged commission.

Items we do not take on consignment HERE

Effective JULY 1, 2022 consignment fee schedule will be changing.  All existing consignors must sign a new consignment form.  Fees and Consignment schedule will be changing.

Silver Currency ($1 Face Value) and Silver Bullion is a flat 10% commission.  All other currency will be subject to the standard consignment schedule below.

Firearms Flat 10%

Our Seller Commission Rates

Item Highest Bid AmountCommission Rate
$3.00 - $5030%
$50.01 - $25025%
$250.01 - $100020%
$1000.01 - $10,000.0115%
Greater than $10,00010%
** Call us for special rates on estates, large lots and reacurring

You can download/print our consignment agreement here. (fill out and complete once)

You can download/print our product check in sheet here. (list out your items.  You can either group them in lots or let us lot up for you.  This form will need to be filled out each time you bring items in.)